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Annuity with Long Term Care Rider

Return of Premium Available. Great place to put excess cash for an important benefit.

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Death Benefit

Many Insurance Companies now offer annuities with guaranteed death benefit riders. Let us explain how they work.

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Do you know that many annuities now long term care riders that allow for increased withdrawals in the event of the need for long term care? Call us if you have a need and let us explain what is available. Call 1-866-323-6826 or e-mail us and we can show you how.

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15 Year

2.95 APY Guaranteed for 15 years.  Free withdrawal of interest. Full account value at death. A+ Rated Company. Call 866-323-6826 for details and availability.

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10 Year

3.60% APY Guaranteed For 10 Years. A- rated. Call or e-mail for more information and availability in your state.

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7 Year

3.25% APY Guaranteed for 7 Years.  Full account value at death. B++ rated. 
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5 Year

CD - Type Deferred Fixed Annuity Rate. 3.10% APY for 5 years. B++ rated carrier.

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3 Year

CD - Type Deferred Fixed Annuity Rate . 2.00 APY for 3 years. Account value at death.  B+ rated carrier.

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