Hybrid Annuity Guaranteed Rates

Annuities have evolved! You now have a wider choice of annuity types, investment options and guarantees to match up with your investment growth and income goals.

Hybrid Annuity Guaranteed rates now as high as 6% compounding annually for income! And there are also hybrid annuities that can double your income for qualified Long Term Care needs. Call 1-866-323-6826 for the latest details.

These products typically allow you to benefit from the unlimited upside of being 100% invested in the stock market. Or with Equity Indexed Annuities, you can have some of the upside of the market, yet still have guarantees for income growth with a guaranteed interest rate floor that goes toward your “living benefit.”

If you decide to take advantage of these “living benefits,” you can guarantee yourself an annual interest rate, or floor, which is typically in the 5-6% compounded range, or as high as 10% with simple interest, regardless of how the market performs. The living benefit is a feature that will provide guaranteed growth now and will provide guaranteed income for life in the future. For those of you already in retirement, the living benefit can be structured to start receiving a guaranteed lifetime income NOW, while your funds can still enjoy the unlimited upside of the market.

And a new addition to this market is a hybrid annuity that will guarantee Long Term Care benefits which can double the income when used for qualified Long Term Care.

In addition, a “death benefit” on these products can also be structured to guarantee you an annual interest rate regardless of how the market performs.

There are multiple other features with these products that can greatly enhance your income/wealth in the future, such as a quarterly ratchet where you can lock in “high-water-marks.” For example, if the market were to rise sharply and then have a correction, your benefit could be locked-in based on the older higher value.

With baby boomers approaching or reaching retirement age and boomers and their parents living longer in retirement than any other generation in history, these new annuity products can have a place in one’s overall strategy. Use resources such as DirectAnnuities.com to stay up-to-date with developments and changing products to become a savvy consumer in order to meet your future financial needs.

If you are interested in learning more about these Hybrid Annuity options, please contact us. Tell us about you and we will determine whether a hybrid annuity might be a good fit for you!

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